Campione Episode 9

Oh're such a treasure trove of screenshots...had the hardest time picking them. I might actually pool them all and link them in this post later (if I feel motivated enough). I have to's funny watching her antics...crazy fantasies and general naivete. After this week's episode, she's basically part of the harem now, right?

All that speculation last week about how Godou was gonna heal himself...and it turns out the Ram just auto-resurrects him if he uses it. That's an absurd power...why not just start every battle by using it? Such a broken power. Also, a second Arianna has appeared! Double pro maid trolling activate!

As expected, everything is just a test from Salvatore. I figured that guy was too obsessed with Godou to actually try to kill him or anything...just trying to train him. It's pretty funny that he tied everyone else up, though...guess Liliana's got no choice but to kiss Godou in the battle against Perseus now.

Next week, the final battle against Perseus. With his abilities negated, I wonder how this battle will go for Godou. The preview said something about a twist in this battle...what could that mean? Some new enemy or maybe Perseus isn't what he seems? Or maybe Salvatore helps him? That one's kinda unlikely...

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