Persona 4 True Ending

That was quite an interesting way to adapt the true ending. In the game, Yu gets pulled down like everyone else, but instead they had Izanami show him an illusion. Then Margaret had to be the one to break him out by forcing him to actually accept himself. The anime wanted to make Yu more than a voiceless protagonist and I'd say they did a pretty good job. I wasn't even expecting the Margaret battle to show up at all, so I'm impressed that they were able to find a way to work it into the true ending. And of course, Brosuke is a boss...Yosuke ending is how it is.

Still, I can't help but be annoyed at how "Endless Eight"-like the illusion was. I understand how it fit with Yu's personality, but maybe I'm still suffering from some lingering damage from that arc in Haruhi (it was so much suffering...). This show has definitely been a cool experience...even knowing how things turn out as I did. This episode in particular, the ordering of events can really throw you off if you've seen this stuff before...I was pretty confused with what they were trying to accomplish at the start of this. Anyways, hope you've all enjoyed as well. It's finally over :D

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