Rinne no Lagrange Episode 20

Silly girls and their silly promises to never fight again. Moid's already at work ruining your perfect plan. So it seems that both he and Asteria are remnants from the tragedy of 20,000 years ago. Asteria also mentions the discrepancy between the number of Vox weapons...the natural conclusion: the Vox was split when the tragedy occurred. If the Vox could be split in three, I wonder if the queen's soul could also be split into Asteria and Moid. This might be a bit of a stretch because probably a better explanation is that Moid was an experiment, and possibly the product of Asteria's "sin."

Now the question: what the heck is Dizelmine doing? Is he going to claim that this is purely scientific curiosity to find a way to harness the Vox weapons to save the two star systems rather than destroy one, thus playing into Moid's hand? Or is he just evil (which is kinda less likely)? Don't think we're going to find out next week...the preview shows more light stuff with Christmas celebrations and whatnot (both Hyouka and Rinne are in December while it's August...seems legit).

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