Hyouka Episode 19

Wait a second...did I just...? Was that equivalent to a date for Houtarou and Eru? Seemed like they were having fun...it doesn't seem like the two of them to go on a standard date (yet...), so maybe this is the beginning. Naturally, Houtarou gets it all right...even when he was trying to make it as outlandish as possible.

But when I really think about the show, it did a good job of showing that. In the beginning, I kept wondering if Houtarou was stretching his deductions too much...that was probably when he was trying to make something crazy. Then he suddenly starts putting pieces together more logically. The fact that I was able to notice...wow, not bad.

I guess light and random is the name of the game for the rest of Hyouka. No way they can fit in an arc. Either way, it looks like it will be fun...I don't really have any complaints. Next week is New Year's...going to a temple and whatnot. Doesn't look like there will be a mystery, but you never know with these things. The fact that Eru brings up the uncle this week is a little suspicious, though, as a final note. Are they preparing to bring him back? It's a spy!!

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