Accel World Episode 20

Oh hey Chrome's been a while. Welcome back. I was wondering when it would make an appearance again. Of course, like a typical corrupted protagonist, Haru hasn't noticed that something caused him to change in that battle, so he stupidly didn't tell Kuroyukihime that something was wrong. Sigh...

And yes...I noticed when Chiyu freaked out over Taku's death, showing that she didn't realize that teaming with Noumi would lead to that. I still don't get why they reacted that way, Taku lost some points...big deal. Nothing to scream about, right?

Anyway, now Taku needs to learn about the incarnate system, so next week is the return of Yuniko. Based on the preview, it also looks like that maid character from the opening will finally be introduced. Been wondering about her. In both openings, she appears without an Accel World avatar, so I wonder if she is even a Burst Linker. If not, then her role must be something cool, right? I'm eager to know. Or maybe I'm just getting trolled...but that never happens, right? ...right???

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