Campione Episode 8

The next battle has begun and our opponent is another god. Now it's Liliana's turn to kiss Godou, I guess. She was so eager to help until he told her what it was...silly girl. It seems that Perseus was able to cancel out Godou's abilities...well, Godou got his powers from a Persian god, so that can't be a coincidence. More importantly, though, why did Salvatore cause all of this in the first place and where did he go? I assumed that he was doing it to fight Perseus, but he just disappeared. Is he trying to train Godou or something? I really don't get it.

Wonder how long this fight is going to last...I assume it's suppose to be a fight that focuses on Liliana before they introduce the last girl. Godou's been shot, so I assume that he and Liliana escape this to regroup with everyone else for a second fight. Will Athena or Salvatore be joining them in the fight? Or will they just sit back and watch? What's up with these guys just randomly being there?

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