Rinne no Lagrange Episode 19

Poor Madoka...she doesn't realize that there are still episodes left in the season. Her silly vow to never fight with the Vox again can't possibly be filled, right? There has to be some new enemy that the girls will have to face together...now with the support of Dizelmine and Villagiulio, who have made up (so they can be called in the final battle if necessary). Too bad she can't see the episode count...she might be so optimistic if she could. I know I'm not.

So now what? We saw that bit with Asteria...how she caused the original Vox incident thousands of years prior. The question is why did she do it? Was she trying to protect something or accomplish something? Because surely it's about to happen again (or at least something similar). But I guess we're not finding out next week...the preview makes it look like we're having a random school-life episode with a background character. Unless, of course, she's a spy...hmm...

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