Kokoro Connect Episode 7

Poor little sister. But yeah, things are starting to seriously escalate...it's a very precarious situation they're in. Not only are their true feelings coming out, everyone else knows that this is what they truly feel, so nothing can be taken back. Clearly, this is what Inaba feared.

Something I've been wondering about this new situation...how exactly does Iori feel about all this? If you really think about it, this is her chance to find herself...she can find her true feelings and discover herself. Maybe that's why she seems the least-affected by all of this?

Another random question...everyone assumes these are timed bursts, but are they thinking that it will always happen for a specific interval of time? I guess they didn't make a big deal about this in the body swapping part, but what if it goes on for like ten minutes and the others are unable to restrain the one who's raging?

And an even more worrying situation would be if two people started going off at each other at the same time...that could escalate like crazy. But all that aside, things are starting to look pretty bad for Inaba...is she the next one to go to the hospital? Something's gotta happen to her...

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