Sword Art Online Episode 7

Kirito got a new sword! Crystals and everything. And he's also got a blacksmith to help him out...this guy makes friends pretty easy for a solo player. Being Liz is suffering, I guess...she was just about to confess and Asuna walks in to show her how good a relationship she has with Kirito.

At least Kirito is more perceptive than normal main characters and realizes that he should go find Liz and comfort her rather than sitting there with a confused look on his face. Maybe there's hope for him yet. But I guess a fellow fighter like Asuna suits him more...

I feel like Kirito may be getting a little bit too used to how strong he is in the game. This whole idea of "oh, if we're stuck in a giant hole, let's just run up the walls!" Doesn't really consider the logistics of getting Liz up and stuff. Honestly, I was surprised that the fall damage did so much to him (if you think about how his health compares to Liz's)...must be percentage-based.

Anyways, the background stories should be running out...Liz was the last character to introduce, right? Should be getting close to the main story and all. This one wasn't bad, but hey...Kirito needs to use that new sword and stuff! Would be nice to see some fights from the frontlines too...

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