Song of the Week 11: Furnace of War

More video game music. Since I'm attempting (valiantly) to play through the Japanese version of Tales of Vesperia (isn't it awesome that the PS3 isn't region locked?), I'm gonna go with a song from their soundtrack. Motoi Sakuraba does most of the composing for the Tales series and I really like his stuff...especially battle themes. If you're looking for more good ones, "The End of a Thought" from Tales of Symphonia and "The Edge of a Decision" from Tales of the Abyss are particularly good ones.

You'll probably notice the similarities in style...especially between "Furnace of War" and "The Edge of a Decision." But hey...they all sound awesome to me. I wish there was a way to set battle music for all fights rather than having it change after particular points in the story.

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