Rinne no Lagrange Episode 18

Oh man...so many questions. Where to begin? First off, the hangar. Yurikano in Madoka's body is rejected by Vox Aura and she reacts by saying that Aura is "her" or something to that effect. What was that supposed to mean? Next up, the swap undo. Dizelmine touches Yurikano and she swaps back with Madoka...was this just because of some coincidence or did Dizelmine do something or have some ability that caused this to happen? I surely wouldn't put it past the guy.

Yurikano's confession's pretty straightforward...yeah yeah she loves Dizelmine and wants to protect him so she tries to push him away. Simple stuff. But her disappearance was more interesting...did she go back to blocking the entrance to the Rinne or is it wide open now? She seemed to be suggesting that it wouldn't be so easy to talk with Madoka again, so it suggests that her situation may have changed and she won't be sitting there in the Rinne as usual.

And then finally, we have the question that will likely be answered next week. What happens to Dizelmine now? Will he continue to be nuts or was that enough to bring him back to normal? Hopefully, we find out next week...I wonder where the show goes if he's normal again. Some other threat from space, maybe?

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