Hyouka Episode 17

Admittedly, the reveal for this week was probably the lowest level of all of the other reveals we've seen...mostly because Houtarou solved most of the stuff last week. At the end of the day, most of it was just a matter of wasted potential...an interesting thing to tell to Houtarou, an arguably talented individual who chooses to suppress it through energy conservation. But at the end, it was cool that Houtarou used the Juumoji incident to his advantage to sell most of the anthologies.

Another fun little scene was Irisu telling Eru not to use her manipulation techniques because they don't suit her personality. While this is pretty logical, there's always that possibility that she was protecting the world from something truly dangerous...right? Hehe...

Being Satoshi is still suffering...looked like he got some Mayaka comfort, though. I'm starting to think that his line "databases can't draw conclusions" is becoming an annoying crutch for his character...but I guess he's doomed to be a side character. At least he got his revenge in the end by letting loose the glowing eyes of Eru and Mayaka on him.

Next week, a new story...is it going to be the final arc or just another episodic mystery? Only four episodes to go, right? I really hope they end the series on a good mystery rather than ride it out on episodic stuff. Hey...maybe there will be some romance stuff in the end...we can only hope, right?

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