Space Brothers Episode 20

Big decision time. I figured Mutta's big solution would be something like this. I kinda agree with him, though...based on all the data they have, they can't know that being chosen will actually increase their chances. I don't think they've even considered the possibility that it could lower their chances. So going completely random (or as random as rock-paper-scissors can be...I wouldn't be surprised if Nitta had some strategy to win or something) will make things as even/fair as possible.

You gotta feel for Yasushi, though...the poor guy is the only one keeping track because he realizes that he's behind. It can't be a fun position to be in...especially in a group like Team A. Anyways, next week will be the big decision and likely the end of the third exam (finally...). Also looks like it might be a closer look at Yasushi too...

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