Kokoro Connect Episode 6

Looks like the rules have changed in round 2 of Heartseed's game. This time, he's allowing each person's innermost thoughts to take over...I hesitate to use deepest desires to describe this because it brings up an interesting question about decision making. Think about it. Why do we make the decisions that we choose? Theoretically, you would always make the decision that you believe is in your greatest interest.

The idea of using "desire" to describe it suggests that what they're doing is "what they truly want to do", but I would think that you naturally make the choice to do that. So, I use "thoughts" to describe it to suggest that they are doing the things they have buried or convinced themselves not to do...not necessarily what they want to do.

But that aside, I guess I was kinda wondering what Iori and Taichi would do with their confessions out there. I suppose the only thing they could do is what we saw...choosing to ignore it for the time being. I'm sure that part of this arc is letting the confession to come to light to everyone else anyway. Iori does say something very curious, though...something to the effect of "I won't mess up this time." Mess up what? O.o

Very Inaba-focused ending theme...is it suggesting something about this arc? The episode seemed to suggest Inaba taking things the hardest. It would make sense for the person with no trust in everyone else to be the most worried about her secrets coming out. Maybe we'll find out next week...

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