Natsuyuki Rendezvous Episode 6

So is Atsushi just supposed to stay in control of Hazuki's body for the rest of the show or something? This is kinda absurd...he finds Hazuki in a moment of weakness and just refuses to give control back. Oh well, his attempts to keep Rokka away have been unsuccessful because she confessed to him anyway.

At least he has the decency not to say he's actually Atsushi...that would surely make things confusing. Or maybe he plans to do it at some point...who knows? I wonder if the point of the show is just for him to realize that he needs to let go from his experiences living again. Suppose that would make sense. And what's the point of Hazuki going around in the dream world? Is this supposed to be an extension of Atsushi's subconscious that Hazuki needs to understand or help or something?

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