Tari Tari Episode 6

The choir club is finally all assembled with Wakana's mother issues resolved (at least, I assume they're resolved). I was wondering about that promise of making the song together...but I guess having Wakana finish up the song that her mother started is a good way of getting that done. Also, despite how amusing she was, how much did Konatsu really do to help? Sounds to me like she started the process by asking Wakana to join the choir club and then Wakana and her father took care of the rest.

With everyone assembled, what happens now? Will we finally get a final goal for the show or will they just do random things together? I assume the goal would be to finish the song so that they can sing it at some competition or event, but what event will it be? National competition is sounding pretty good to me...I imagine Wakana's a lot more hardcore than Konatsu is, so I'm wondering if she'll be very critical of the others now that she's getting serious about the club or if she'll continue to offer the light advice like she did this week with Wien and Tanaka.

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