Hyouka Episode 16

So after Houtarou leveled up last week and blocked Eru, she leveled up this week and learned the secret skill of guilt...which was immediately followed by Houtarou finding a secret technique of his own. He's doing a good job of staying ahead of her, that's for sure. That aside, Houtarou finally comes up with his theory this week...linking the manga with the Juumoji incidents. Usually, Houtarou isn't right on the first try, though...so what's wrong with this theory? What is he missing this time? It seemed logically sound to me...

Mystery aside, being Satoshi is so much suffering. It was almost painful to watch his "direct confrontation" idea fail after how dramatic he sounded at the end of the episode last week. Then Houtarou starts to solve the mystery that Satoshi believed he couldn't solve...no matter how much you dislike his character, you gotta feel for the guy. Also, what's up with Houtarou's sister? Showing up with the exact manga that Mayaka lost? So suspicious. She's probably in on it all!

So is next week going to be the end of the mystery? I didn't really realize it, but we're actually not too far from the end of the series. Almost looks like there might be only one major mystery arc left. I wonder if Satoshi told Eru to challenge Juumoji on the talk show...that would be pretty funny. Or is she just going to be her normal self?

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