Tari Tari Episode 5

A very Wakana-focused episode where we find out what the deal is with her mother. While it seems to blames herself a bit for her mother's death (like most anime characters would), mostly she regrets the way she acted towards her mother who was always trying to keep her cheerful. I'm sure she also feels a little resentment for not being told about her mother's illness, but it's probably overpowered by that pure regret. And whatever was in that mystery letter hasn't seemed to help at all. Like I said last week, it almost seems like it might have worked against her getting over her mother's death.

Also, when Wakana was with Shiho, she mentioned some national competition that the choir club won while Wakana's mother was there. I may be grasping at straws here, but maybe that's the final goal of this show? To get Wakana to join so they can compete in that competition? Someone throw me a bone, here!

Next week looks to be getting pretty serious...is Wakana's issue coming to a close? It looks like everyone else might be stepping in to help (they were getting suspicious this week, so I guess they finally decide to act). If so, then we can finally have everyone together and stuff...that would be fun.

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