Campione Episode 4

Well...that sword isn't quite as overpowered as I expected. Apparently, it has an energy supply. It was kinda interesting the way they sorta re-wrote mythology in that battle...saying that while Greek mythology states that Athena was the daughter of Zeus, in actuality, she was an ancient queen that was overthrown by Zeus. I's not like we could say which is correct. I doubt we even have enough information to deny that the Greeks actually originally believed this. It's something fun to think about while you're watching them fight.

Anyway character-wise, stuff is pretty straightforward. Athena was spared, so she can come back and aid them later. Mariya called for Godou in a desperate moment and he came to her side, so she's basically in. As for Liliana, she seems to be the most infatuated with Godou in the opening, so I wonder what he does to make this happen. Finally, Erica continues to make me uneasy with her crazy manipulations...what's she up to? First enemy as a Campione is defeated...wonder what's next. The title of next week's episode almost makes it look like normal life girl problems for Godou.

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