Space Brothers Episode 17

Hah...I thought Team A would push through on talent. But even though Kenji seems like a natural leader, he still can't inspire team cohesion the way that Mutta can. The director also mentions that the selection for each team at the very end was a way to induce stress. I kinda figured this, but does that mean that the true selection is something else? Will they just choose a team? In which case, Kenji would likely be dropped.

But it looks like Mutta's green card won't be as simple as everyone else's. Since he knows about them, it's easy for him to trust everyone else, but they don't necessarily have to trust him. For all they know, he could be blaming something he did on a green card (similar to how Mutta mistakenly attributes the food shortage to JAXA). And Kenji is still having problems...

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