Kokoro Connect Episode 3

So...wait. Is that it for Yui? Problem solved? No more issues? That was...pretty quick. And now it almost looks like they're going straight into Inaba. Maybe it's only the first half of the show that solves the characters' problems? Otherwise, I'd expect some more random episodes at this point.

And, of course, we have Iori's issues going on in the background as well. Some conversation with her mother...are they moving? Is her mother supposed to get re-married or something? There's something that Iori is pretending to accept that will need to be fixed by Taichi.

Either way, this episode made me think more about the situation with soul swapping. Note how Yui's mental block transferred over despite having someone else in control. This is a common thing in a "soul swap", where the brains don't switch, but rather something else entirely...but I'll leave that for another time. Wouldn't want to bore you with the details here.

Next week addresses Inaba, I suppose. The big question is whether her fainting spell is caused by some hidden physical condition or whether it's a side effect of Heartseed's intervention. Based on the preview, the first option is more likely, but you never know. Without knowing exactly how Heartseed operates, I don't know where the limits are...it's so frustrating.

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