Sword Art Online Episode 3

I may have mentioned this before, but I did read a few chapters of the manga for Sword Art Online. In it, they basically time skip past this episode and last week's episode...I guess these are just side stories to fill in the gaps. Honestly, I'd have to say that the time skip was a better idea...none of these really seem all that necessary and they frankly make the show a lot slower than I would like. I get that they want to show why Kirito becomes the kind of character he is, but it's just taking too long.

That aside, they bring up an interesting concept in this week's episode: the Dragon Alliance (or whatever it was). This idea that a group of people would be willing to fight other players to get rare items. Logically, this makes little sense because there is a finite number of players and the only way to save themselves is to win the game. You would think that this common goal would motivate them to band together. But the reality is much crueler than that.

While it's true that everyone can become stronger with the help of others, the survival aspect of the game forces the players to constantly think of themselves and place their needs in front of the needs of others. It's an interesting sort of counter-intuitive idea. But that's enough on that. As for next week's episode, I wonder if the black swordsman simply refers to some nickname Kirito gets (like "Terror of Death") or whether it's an enemy. If it's the second case, they might reveal something that would be kinda lame...

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