Accel World Episode 15

I might have been more surprised that Haru would lose his flight ability if I didn't notice Noumi's avatar with wings in the opening and consider the mosaic nature of his avatar. Probably wouldn't have made my reaction too different. I can almost see the inferiority complex of Haru plummeting to a new low...he's going to be unbearable when Kuroyukihime gets back.

Also, I suppose the stage is set for Haru's corruption by Chrome Disaster. He's lost that key ability (which really didn't make him too strong) and much more susceptible to an offer of power. In fact, I even wonder if that outburst he had towards Taku could be attributed to Chrome Disaster (although, I feel like maybe they'd give more of a hint than "this isn't what I want to say").

But my speculations could be unfounded if Haru ends up successfully learning from Ash's parent, Sky Raker. If he regains his confidence in the next week after training (which is what I assume will happen next week), he might finally have a decent sense of confidence. But who knows? I'm not sure how he manages it...does he copy some sort of technique for a diminished form of flight? I don't quite understand how someone can be "close to the sky"...gliding, maybe?

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