Campione Episode 3

I based on my understanding, Erica uses the kiss to transfer her understanding of a god to Godou, allowing him to use his sword on them. I personally think they could have mentioned this before, but I can't really get's still relatively early enough.

I guess the opponent is does the sword allow Godou to steal powers if he beats her with it? Because that's going to make him pretty overpowered. Or am I misinterpreting things? I thought the tablet let him copy the sword and the sword stole the rest of the abilities.

As for Liliana, she seems to be having doubts about what she's doing...but we don't really know much about who she is yet. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that it would be weird if Liliana decided to help Godou in the battle against Athena because she hasn't quite established herself as an enemy yet. She would just seem like a typical ally joining up.

Either way, I guess next week is the battle against Athena. Godou and Erica got interrupted, so I guess he can't use the sword yet? Is it just going to be some awkward battle where the two are trying to kiss while Athena attacks? Maybe Liliana or Mayuri acts as a distraction.

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