Arcana Famiglia Episode 3

Isn't there supposed to be a competition going on or something? Sigh...I think I said before that a show revovling around the Arcana Duello would be interesting...and the show isn't revolving around it. Instead, it's the core three doing random things. Is it just establishing the characters (for example, Nova as the typical "cool guy")?

Also, apparently Liberta's power is so weird that he doesn't even know what's going on when it activates...what's it supposed to do? It's the Fool Arcana, so does he just do some random thing? Seems to vague...maybe he summons some sort of spirit that he can't remember or something.

Doesn't look like there's anything really different next week. Then again, there is that bit where Liberta and Felicita are on the ship. Maybe they're sailing towards the arena? Maybe some actual fighting will occur? I'm really curious about the psychic powers, but I'm not getting much.

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