Tari Tari Episode 3

So...beach-side music contest...that's what they're going with? Joint recital still sounds much more important, but whatever works, I guess. They somehow managed to get themselves entered in this contest thanks to the random guys sitting nearby (seriously...I heard a flute and all I saw was a some stringed instrument and a pair of chopsticks...what the heck?). On the Sakai side of things, randomly being chased around by some Spanish guy (my Spanish is rusty, but I'm pretty sure that's what it was).

The principal started to hint at what was so important about Sakai's mother...but of course he doesn't get to finish. I guess she was some magical singer/teacher who was somehow able to move everyone with her passion...or something. And the badminton club merges with the choir club...that was the only real way to make it work when Wein joined the badminton club.

Next week looks to bring the Spanish guy into play more...wonder what he could want. Is he related to Sakai's mother too? That's the only reason I could think he would be trying to bug Sakai. Also, was that a note of discord between Sawa and Konatsu?

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