Hyouka Episode 13

Well, it wouldn't be Hyouka if the festival arc went around without a mystery. I didn't mention the apple juice thing last week because I wasn't sure if it was important, but I guess it turns out that it's part of a string of thefts that seem to be happening around the festival. Given the standard style of the show, it would likely be because some club or event needed these items to finish their project or something and they didn't steal these things maliciously...now, we just need to figure out what links together some juice, a tarot card, and some stones.

I'm not sure whether the sign outside the Manga Society advertising the argument between Mayaka and the club president was put there during the fight or whether it was always there. I think it would be kinda funny if it was there the whole time and Mayaka was goaded into an argument by the president.

New opening to go with the ending they showed last week. Song-wise, it's a very nice song that I would definitely like to listen to...I thought the animation going on behind it was more interesting (much like the new ending), with Houtarou stuck behind glass and eventually pulled out by everyone. More festival stuff next week...by the looks of the preview, Mayaka is gonna get embarrassed some more.

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