Rinne no Lagrange Episode 14

So...throughout the entire first season, I don't remember hearing a thing about Le Garite and De Metrio being adjacent star systems on the verge of colliding and destroying both systems. This would have been nice to know earlier. It kinda explains a lot. I presume Le Garite is supposed to represent a higher-class and De Metrio is more of a slum (basing this off of Muginami's memory session in the first season). Anyway, after some...unique persuasion tactics, the three girls are back together. Hopefully, the fact that they reunited so quickly means that the real story will begin soon.

With Earth becoming something of a neutral ground, what will happen from here? Will Kamogawa become a battleground for Le Garite and De Metrio with the Vox pilots intervening to keep the peace? They have to find a way somehow. It's not like they're going to set out to beat the Le Garite and De Metrio forces to get them to make peace......right? Right??? Next week, is that a training session or something? That's what it looks like to me...the three brothers should join in and double the Earth force.

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