Sword Art Online Episode 2

And so, Kirito has become the loner with his trench coat from the opening. I'm not completely sure why he chose to play the bad guy after beating the boss. Maybe he realized that the state of mass hysteria wouldn't be solved if he tried to explain, so he decided to run with it so that Asuna wouldn't try to protect him or something like that.

Speaking of which, heroine is introduced. Her final comment about the name on the HP bar makes her seem almost airhead material, but the fact that she was a solo player and how she is in battle make it seem otherwise. It will be interesting to see how she turns out.

I think that this group paranoia will be a hit-or-miss thing for me. Because of how the show is designed, Sword Art Online has to make use of the crowd mentality stuff (it's starting with the beta tester thing). How that is implemented will probably be a pretty huge factor in how I feel about the show. There is a point where it could possibly just become annoying.

Not sure if I can really comment on the battle...lots of flashes and the sword techniques don't look so unique or such. But I guess it's still the first floor of the tower, so people haven't necessarily reached the more advanced stuff. I'll let it slide for now. I'm pretty sure another time skip is inbound for next week, as Kirito continues on by himself until he eventually runs into Asuna again. Still looking forward to everything.

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