Accel World Episode 14

Good job, Haru...when Chiyu's being harassed because of something you did, the correct move is to defend her without regard to the consequences to yourself. At least he's learning...I would've been really annoyed if he had just sat there, scared for himself. Then again...way to screw it up on the follow-through, Haru (what did you expect from him in a fistfight, though?). Anyway, Noumi is setting himself up to be a major villain for this arc of the show (based on what I can see from the opening).

Everything about his avatar screams "modified" has a grotesque design to it that doesn't seem natural to the game (even with Chrome Disaster). I really do like the idea of someone being able to hack the Accel World...makes it much more like a normal game, rather than some "super game" with a mysterious creator that no one can touch.

I can see the gears turning for Chiyu. It's all a game...all supposed to be fun. Why am I being harassed? Why am I being blackmailed? All for joining this game. That must be the sort of thing she is beginning to think. I can definitely see her doing something dark because of all of this.

On another opening and ending. For some reason, I really like the new in, more than the first opening. Music-wise, I much prefer the first ending song, but you may like actual animation of the new one, which is perfectly fine. Either way, next week Haru goes up against Noumi's whacked-out avatar. It also looks like that skull-biker guy is gonna make an appearance. The opening almost suggests that he will become a begrudging ally for it already starting? Will he help against Noumi? For that matter, is he someone we already know?

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