Campione Episode 2

What the? Erika is suddenly hopelessly fawning over Godou and she has some sort of hypnotic power too (how suspicious, especially after what Godou says about her being alluring)? Feels like this show did a complete 180. Anyway, new characters...Mariya Yuri, shy shrine maiden of unknown ability, and Liliana Kranjcar, a seemingly unwilling minion of the guy who looks to be the main villain (meaning she can will be turned).

So based on what those guys said about betting on Godou, I guess this show is a battle between Campiones? And I wonder about the other Campiones. It seemed like Godou used an item specifically designed to steal a god's power (his avatar thing is actually pretty cool because of how strategic he has to be). So how do the other Campiones get their powers? Are they just always derived from the god they kill? Well, I imagine it can't be too long before Godou meets one and we find out.

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