Binbougami ga Episode 2 character: perverted priest...also Momiji joins Ichiko's class. Just adding another dynamic to the fight between Momiji and Ichiko (the priest basically trolls Ichiko)...I guess that's just what this show is. So many references to other shows too...some of which I got-ish. Some of the stuff is pretty funny...I'll stick with it, I guess...least I can do is see what other character they're going to add. It's one of those shows where logic goes out the window...what I'd call mindless comedy.

Well, the preview doesn't really give me much about next week, but it looks like the battle may be off while Ichiko deals with some personal stuff (some guy in her class?). I wonder if this Nadeshiko at the end of the episodes will ever become a full character or if she's just doomed to pointing out her appearances at the end.

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