Space Brothers Episode 15

Hah...the new opening song still takes some getting used to. The seeds of distrust are sowing in Team A and Team B. It's actually quite interesting...what if Team C simply has an edge because they don't have that source of tension despite lacking the talents of the other teams? I feel pretty sorry for Kenji...he really seems like a genuinely nice guy, but his natural lead role threatens the other team members into a sense of paranoia. By the looks of it, this could even screw him in the end.

On the Team A side, I've got no clue why the old guy would want to break the clock. I was almost expecting Mutta to take the fall for him, but doesn't seem to be the case. I wonder how much longer this locked-room-style test will go. Tensions are flaring, so it should getting close to the end. Random side note: that jigsaw puzzle looks fun...I miss those kinds of things...

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