Hyouka Episode 12

Holy crap...a bunch of break dancers? What kind of school festival is this? Why don't other anime series do this? Poor Eru getting sidetracked so easily when she was supposed to go see the committee president (hey...I'd stop to watch some guys playing karuta too!). I guess this episode was a random fluff episode focused on Eru. Not that Mayaka (who has become strangely timid this week) or Satoshi (who's just goofing around) are any help.

Not to worry...based on the preview, it looks as if Houtarou will be there to save the day as usual for Eru. Curious about the title of the next episode, though...corpse? Is it gonna be another mystery that isn't mystery? And solving the mystery sells the anthology? Could be cool.

The new ending is kinda funny to watch, featuring Mayaka and Eru as detectives chasing after Houtarou and Satoshi...I'm actually having trouble paying attention to the song (I think it sounded good?). New ED this week...does that mean new OP as well next week? Hope it's a good one...the first OP has kinda grown on me. Final note: was that bit with Houtarou seeing the students asking about missing apple juice supposed to be significant? Was kinda random.

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