Rinne no Lagrange Episode 13

And we're back with more Rinne! Time skip has engaged...Madoka's not doing so well by herself, but then Lan and Muginami return to pull her out of her slump. But they're locked in battle...wonder what's up. It's actually an interesting question...history would suggest that Muginami is the one acting in the wrong here, but she wouldn't want to kill Madoka, right? So why would Lan say this?

In the experiments at the beginning of the episode, they mentioned possibly messing with Lan's personality...is this the case? The ever-mysterious Moid was there and even he was afraid of what was being done to Lan. I can't imagine Lan being the evil one, but I can't discount the possibility. My theory was that they were trying to create the Rinne effect that Madoka did through Lan, but that's only speculation.

New opening song isn't quite the same...that's just how it is. The ending theme sounds pretty cool, though. Last week's episode was just recap, so we're starting here. Everyone's back together, but conflict is there with them. Hope it all gets resolved next week...then they can get on to more important matters. We should just hope the problem is just Muginami's cape, as Madoka says in the preview. Final note: the three alien brothers have assimilated quite nicely on Earth...they're practically normal.

  • feal87

    July 11, 2012, 3:52 p.m.

    Same thoughts here, what exactly is that Cape? Some new skill unlocked in the Vox? Does the Vox have other weapons as well for Lan/Madoka?! >_<


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