Kokoro Connect First Impressions

Well...that was surprisingly amusing. Must prove that humor is lost to me when I'm reading manga. Pretty simple idea...group of five friends randomly start swapping bodies. It could be an interesting idea depending on what they do with it. On the one hand, it could just be some mysterious force that screws with the characters, in which case the show becomes normal slice-of-life stuff with the body swapping to spice things up (magic rock, anyone?).

On the other hand, someone or something tangible could be screwing with them...the difference being that this is someone/something they can actually find (and DESTROY...or something). Personally, I think the second case is a lot more interesting (you all remember how I raged about a certain magic rock). I suppose in the first case, it's about getting to know each other and growing close as a tight-knit group as opposed to a collection of club-less students...but meh, you can do that while trying to find what's screwing with you.

On the music side, the opening and ending are both just kinda decent...nothing special. Ending has a nice start to it, so I'd probably say it's the better of the two. The show's still in its introductory phase, so I'm guessing a couple of episodes more of swaps to get everyone acquainted with each other before they start doing anything serious. Not sure, though...the preview did seem to suggest some mysterious man, but it seems too early for that sort of thing.

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