Accel World Episode 13

Silly are serious business! There's no room for enjoying yourself! But I'm surprised that there are healers in Accel makes her useless in a one-on-one fight, so she's only really good for legion battles. At least her defenses are high (supposedly) to make up for it. But student Noumi that may have Burst Link. Doesn't show up on the list, but his abilities scream Burst Link. Weird that Kuroyukihime wouldn't point anything out to Haru since she noticed Noumi in the welcome speech.

Haru's gotten quite bold to allow his adolescent mind to fantasize about Kuroyukihime (-.- so disturbing...). I still wonder about Chiyu's constant line "going back to the way things were." It bothers Taku and she seems to be pretty desperate to achieve this. Seems like a source of conflict with her in the future. There was an avatar in the preview for next it Noumi or is he just a red herring?'s gotta be him, right? But his avatar looks...abnormal somehow. Wonder what it could be...

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