Campione First Impressions

Hah...sword that steals divinity and a tablet that steals a god's weapon. Three guesses where that's going. So apparently our main character Kusanagi Godou is going to become a God Slayer. The guy basically has the power of a God...sounds great, right? I imagine this show will go into how much that sucks. Based on my understanding of the synopsis, he's gonna be followed around by a parade of women? Of course he is...

Suppose I have to wait until next week to hear opening and ending...oh well. They're not being sung by artists I know, so we'll see. Not sure what to make of this show...doesn't exactly look all that promising. I mean, I enjoy a good god-slaying as much as the next guy (oh God of War...good times), but I dunno if this will just degenerate into episodic battles where the guy discovers his powers. Just have to see, I guess.

I'd say it's possible this god that Godou defeats becomes a recurring villain of sorts...based on my understanding, the sword should just steal his powers. I'm sure he won't be happy about that, so he'll try to get them back. Plus, his character design doesn't exactly scream "disposable character."

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