Yuru Yuri S2 First Impressions

Yuru Yuri is back with more of the same stuff (no complaints here). Pretty funny choice to use Akari's dream sequence to re-introduce all of the characters (it's been a while). Wasn't expecting Chizuru to make an appearance. Oh this is gonna be good fun...I can tell. Poor Akari got so much screen time in this first episode. She's going to be practically non-existent for the rest of this second season (wait...isn't that normal?).

Random note: Ayano yelling "Akaza Akari!" is nowhere near as effective as yelling "Toshino Kyoko!"

New opening and ending are more of same style of song as last season. I'm not a huge fan of the varying lead voices of the opening...ending sounds better (it varies too, but sounds more consistent). Also, it looks like the character songs have changed too. So far so good (Chinatsu's is a little disturbing visually, though O.o). With the main four given their spotlight in this first episode, it looks like next episode will focus on the other side characters back at school (works for me).

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