Tari Tari First Impressions

Well, this one might stick. Five characters creating a club is pretty standard, but creating a duplicate club to rival an existing club could be interesting (you know how much I like a good competition). This is opposed to the usual "revive a dead/dying club" scenario that you normally see.

It looks pretty interesting. Just typical slice-of-life, but it has the advantage of an overarching "goal" in the background (one that isn't as lofty as playing in Budokan or something). There's some room for romance in the background...if I were to guess, the depressed girl Sakai Wakana would probably do well with the new guy (Wein?). The new guy seems fairly carefree and oblivious enough to turn her.

The opening and ending songs...well, they're both good songs. I can't really complain. If given a choice, I'd probably give the opening the edge. I can see that growing on me soon. As for the show itself, I think that music is always a solid theme to use to center a show. While singing was never really my thing (I was always more into playing music), it's a lot less restrictive than a band.

It's tough to keep adding different instruments to a band, but very simple to add more singers. Also, I get the feeling badminton guy and I will be good friends (I never get to play T_T).

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