Hyouka Episode 11

Another mystery arc wrapped up. I'd say there were some things in this episode that may have been a bit excessive. For example, Mayaka going "you were wrong." Then Satoshi coming along and going "yeah, dude...you were wrong." Then Eru finishing up with "I'm pretty sure you're wrong." Yeesh...way to whack a guy while he's down.

Also, Houtarou's reaction to Irisu after figuring out the truth. It's natural for someone to be that upset about being manipulated so much, but I don't think it was necessary for him to so fervently question her words on "talent" last week. It almost made him seem desperate to confirm his talent.

In all, the Hyouka mystery was probably better. I'd say that this was probably one of the better ways to end this arc...probably. I guess the interesting thing was at the end where Irisu is talking with who I presume to be Houtarou's sister. She seems to be quite the manipulator...wonder how far that will go. She also seems to be fairly adept with deduction herself...runs in the family? As for next week, I assume it's gonna be back to the shorter mysteries. Or maybe just some random festival antics. We'll see.

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