Accel World Episode 12

Haru got the Calamity Armor...I knew it wouldn't go away so easily. Let's ignore the fact that it's incredibly stupid of him not to check his inventory again when he notices something is strange. What was so special about that fight with the Calamity Armor that would make them think that the armor was gone for good? Way too easy. Still, if they roll with this a certain way, I might enjoy it. I tend to like it when stories have the main character corrupted by some evil object, then overcome it and integrate it with their own power.

Of course, Haru could simply destroy the armor again, but in some way that makes it go away forever. That would probably be boring. It's also a slightly more likely course. Other than that, Niko has gotten over her problems and has become an ally. Now, all that's left is that maid girl...I think she's in the preview for next week, so she should be showing up soon. It looks like she'll be related to Chiyu as well...maybe a rival for Taku? Could be interesting. Let's see where it goes.

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