Sakamichi no Apollon Final Episode

Well, another show ends. As far as endings go, that wasn't particularly a bad one. Everyone brought back together with music and friendships last forever...the usual stuff. It felt a little weak to me, though. Sentarou ran off, then suddenly resurfaces. The fact that no words had to be said when the two re-united was cool, but it just felt like everyone was running away from each other. It's normal for friends to drift apart, but it felt like everyone had to get away from everyone else.

Nonetheless, I can't deny that it was entertaining to cover this series. Drama gets a little high at points, but perfectly fine for romance stories. Glad that I called Yurika/Jun coming back into play later and that I called Kaoru leaving Ritsuko. I'm getting better. Anyway, I'll review the series as a whole later!

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