Accel World Episode 11

So that's what Yellow Radio was planning...Is anyone else bugged by the fact that Kuroyukihime has such an annoying weakness? You can say "she got over it this week" all you want. It was way too easy, so she's gonna be paralyzed by her memories again...we all know it's gonna happen. But the guy needed a logical way to defeat two kings, so I give him that. Even with Yellow Radio's plan, Chrome Disaster decides to kill steal and interrupt some good old-fashioned DBZ-style fighting.

I can't remember what happens to Yellow Radio now. Does he just die normally and lose points? Or is there something special about Chrome Disaster's killing? Sigh...that week break is making me forget things.

I give respect to Haru this week. Unlike a normal protagonist, who never shows any signs of progress until a decisive battle, Haru actually works on things where we can see him. He saw that he had a problem and realized that he needed to train his reaction speed, so he worked on it and it paid off. But that's my limit for now. He still seems the most useless in battle.

Next week, big engagement with Chrome Disaster. It actually sounds like they'll beat him from the preview. I wonder what happens after that...will Chrome Disaster be a recurring presence? Taking over someone in the main cast? Seems like a fairly logical thing to do. Or does he just disappear and everyone goes on with their stuff? Poor Taku has to be absent through all of this.

  • feal87

    June 25, 2012, 3:50 p.m.

    Plot device in order to make some kind of climax and give a reasoning to Yellow's random attack.

    By the way that Yuniko in crazy mode while shooting missiles was hilarious...:D


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