Hyouka Episode 9

Poor Eru...drunk off chocolate and amusing as hell. I'd say it was pretty predictable that all of the theories presented this week were wrong. It's not like we can have other people solving stuff...it's gotta be Houtarou. A lot of people seem to suspect Fuyumi, but I wonder...I don't see how anyone in this show could have malicious intent. It just doesn't seem to fit with how the show is structured. Still, that last scene where she meets with Houtarou is fairly suspicious. I wouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions, though...she could just lead Houtarou to the right answer with her conversation (similar to something on House).

I really look forward to seeing how this mystery is solved. Everyone seems to assume that the writer create an amateurish mystery, but I'm sure that in the end, everything will be revealed as intentional. Honestly, it just makes everything more interesting. Personally, I wonder about the floor map. It looked like there was some sort of gap in the wall of the room. Might be my misunderstanding, though. I had thought that maybe someone had accidentally grabbed the master key, but that doesn't work because then the key they were intended to pick would have been left, which wouldn't open the locked door. Still possible, but not in the way I was thinking. Either way, it looks like the mystery should be solved next week...should be interesting. Side note: points to Satoshi for being a Sherlock Holmes fan.

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