Fate/Zero Episode 24

Wow...that was a pretty impressive episode. I had no idea how Kiritsugu would become the man that Shirou knew, but now it becomes clearer. It was really clever that the Grail doesn't simply grant the wish of the user. Instead, it can only amplify the vision in their mind. It shows that the Grail itself isn't sentient, which tends to be the general portrayal of wish granting in the media (wishes gone wrong and whatnot). It gives you what you want and nothing else. Even I have to admit that's cool. It also makes me wonder if it can grant Saber's wish to change history. She wants to change history by changing one part of it, but she can't possibly understand all of the implications of this. Something interesting to think about if you want...

As for the battles, the Kirei vs. Kiritsugu fight was so awesome to watch. Kiritsugu fighting with the obvious disadvantage that comes with facing a close combat user in an enclosed space. Also, both combatants trying to beat the other mentally before actually engaging in each encounter. It was definitely exciting. On the other hand, Saber's battle with Berserker just...kinda...ends. That was kinda anticlimactic. Still, when Kiritsugu ordered Saber to destroy the Grail, it was a pretty cool moment even though I knew it was going to happen. I can't wait to see how everything ends next week.

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