Space Brothers Episode 11

I'm curious about a lot of things this week. First off, the video of the accident and the point of showing it. Despite some initial hesitation, everyone signed the waiver in the end. Unless the video comes into play later on, it just seems like a waste of time. Alternatively, the anime could just be trying to keep the process realistic, but I wouldn't know anything about that.

Moving on to the teams. With Serika and Mutta in the same team, I almost wonder if Serika is in danger of being cut from this exam. The other possibility is that this two person selection thing is a trick and a full team will be chosen, which would drop Kenji. Very intriguing.

Finishing off, the clock test. The preview shows that Mutta's grand idea is to use the room to figure out the time, a fairly simplistic approach. I was originally thinking that maybe the time doesn't matter, as long as it's practical. If it were me, I'd set the clock to 12:00. Yeesh...if I were in this exam, I'd overthink every single test. Good thing it's just simple-minded Mutta going through it.

  • Ecchi Catgirl

    June 12, 2012, 5:44 p.m.

    I wonder if there's really something in the room to give the time. I think I know how he know's, but I'll keep it to myself (or to my blog). I want the answer to be based on Serika's hunger, but my other answer is more realistic. Using it as a practicality is a good idea, any sense of time is certainly better than no sense.

    Mutta is going to make some good progress with Serika next episode. First name basis is a great step forward.



    June 12, 2012, 6:20 p.m. got me curious about, so I'll have to check that out if you decide to share with everyone. Like I said, I would overthink the crap out of everything in this test


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