Fate/Zero Episode 23

So sad that Rider had to die, but it had to happen. I personally thought his death was pretty cool, but I would have liked him to give Gilgamesh a slightly harder time. Can't have it all, I guess. Waver smartly preserves his life by getting rid of his Command Seals last week...he didn't turn out to be so bad of a character. Definitely the best pair of the Grail War, but unfortunately not winner material.

We also find out that Berserker is Lancelot. I figured he had a relation to the Black Knight, but I didn't expect it to be Lancelot. Not that I know that much about the Black Knight (just the stuff from Fire Emblem, which is the only reason I recognize the sword Arondight). I'd say that Rider/Gilgamesh had the better battle this week. Hopefully the battles next week are cool too.

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