Accel World Episode 9

Well, I predicted that pretty well...facing off against Chrome Disaster, I see. They don't really say much about the origins of Chrome Disaster, such as whether or not is was a Burst Linker (as in, they actually saw the guy who was in control). I wouldn't be surprised if it's similar to AIDA from .hack, an artificial intelligence programmed into the game that went haywire.

Alternatively, it could be an intentional artificial intelligence meant to test the Burst Linkers to some level...part of that mysterious motive of the Creator. Either way, I doubt it's a trap by Yuniko as Taku suspects...just a way to recruit the Red King. I wonder what will happen when the battle starts. Chrome Disaster definitely has to possess one of the main characters...that would be pretty interesting. We'll see. Final side note: Taku mentions that Haru and Kuroyukihime are too lovey-dovey, and I agree...creeps me out.

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