Sankarea Episode 9

Not much really happened this week. Just a look into Mero's life...she's pretty normal in comparison to everyone else. Kinda makes sense because Chihiro seems to have been into zombies before his mother's least I'm assuming as much because Mero appears to be around the age of the Chihiro in Wanko's flashback in her own flashback with a living mother.

Yeah, there's that bit with her mistaking Rea as her mother, but I dunno...didn't really seem to mean much to me other than Mero accepting Rea. Episode just seems kinda random...especially interrupting Chihiro's kidnapping and all.

I guess the story will get back on track next week...Looks like more stuff on Rea's mother. I think I mentioned before that her personality seems off so far, so maybe some actual info will help. Unless the episode just looks at her and ignores him...who knows? I can't see much from the preview.

  • Son Gohan

    June 3, 2012, 2:02 a.m.

    Well, I think it was pretty much implied that Mero and Chihiro's mother was also a zombie. The cold hands, the bandages and "I can't feel your temperature like this" connect Rea to Mero's mom. We know that Chihiro's grandfather created the resurrecting potion... maybe he used it on Chihiro's mom.


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